Comply with provisions of the Quality Management System, improving efficiency continuously.


Provide an excellent service, ensuring the timely delivery of the products required by our customers.


Provide the necessary training to our employees in order to achieve and maintain an effective discharge of their functions and responsibilities.


Keep strategic alliances with our suppliers, which allow us to achieve greater development and benefit ensuring an optimal attention to our customers.


Proper management of environmental aspects and impacts to reduce and avoid pollution.


Protection of our employees through a culture of self-care and respect for safety standards.


The engineering team of TROY TRADING INTERNATIONAL made their own designs, performed by a simulation software that support and maintain an environment of constant innovation for the sundry projects of our customers.


The professionals in this engineering area properly qualified and constantly trained guarantee the high reliability and precision in the design of each piece in manufacturing procedure.


All projects include a system for planning, programming and monitoring.


The technology advancing in equipment to innovate procedures makes robotics an ally in industry, making possible the employees’ work with high standards of efficiency and safety.


TROY TRADING INTERNATIONAL is not far from technological advancement. It has incorporated a last generation robot model RB08 and equipment from Oerlikon Metco - USA with a Diamond Jet Gun to apply the Tungsten Carbide Coating by a thermal-spray HVOF (High Velocity Oxy-Fuel) process. It is an excellent alternative to increase the life of components requiring high hardness.




We maintain quality assurance at all stages of production process in order to manufacture components with high reliability.


Our Department of Quality Assurance and Inspection guarantees an excellent quality performing the following control activities:


Magnetic Flux Testing according to standards of Appendix IV “Methods for Inspections Magnetic Flux”.


Ultrasonic Testing (NDT-UT) and liquid penetrant inspections (LPI).


Radiographic Testing of weld and foundry.


Mechanical Testing for hardness tester and tensile strength.


Dimensional Control of components.


Thickness Control and metal coating adhesion.


Metrology tools duly certified.


Quality Report




We are exclusive representatives in Peru of the company Hubei Hongcheng General Machinery Co Ltd., a main manufacturer in China of Valves for Power Plants.



Calle Juan Miller N° 145

Urb. Industrial La Chalaca

Callao - Perú

Telf.: (511) 697 3256

           (511) 429 0225


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